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  • Even If It Were Fiction It’d Be Good

    By sheaton 314
    I’ve never read a book that threads history together in a way that feels like a fictional thriller quite like this. This feels like a whole new genre. Couldn’t put it down.
  • Very mediocre

    By E122
    This book had lots of good press, but is a very lame book.
  • Never thought a worlds fair would keep me up at nite reading!!!

    By squidly28890
    Fantastic dramatic historical book! Story lines are parallel but not dependent on each other! Fascinating to think that the events are researched and true! You won’t be disappointed I promise!
  • Terrific

    By tfwalczak
    Read this, if only to gain a strong sense of the background of American architectural influences, some which are present today. Oh- and there is a serial killer in this story. Endlessly fascinating!
  • History lesson and true crime all in one

    By Vickywithay
    Really amazing book with fascinating history of Chicago and the story of a serial killer all in one book. Very compelling read
  • For those who have problem finishing the book

    By joeharver
    Nothing happens if you don’t read the chapters related to Daniel Burnham or Olmsted.
  • Loved this book

    By Mayzd
    Can’t say enough good things about this book.
  • Chicago’s Fair

    By LaughingAloneAtWork
    There was a lot more to the book than a story about Holmes. This may attract you to the book or not. I loved the story of the engineers and architects fighting out the Worlds Fair in Chicago. After reading this book, I went to Central Park and saw Olmsted in its current design. The desires of great men both good and evil was laid before you.
  • Best Book I’ve Ever Read

    By Mckanna11
    This book is written so eloquently. Larson puts you in each scene with such elegance of imagery and language. This story is so enthralling. I’ve read it twice back to back.
  • Very Good

    By Dirty JP